Why Use GN Designer Jewelers for Your Jewelry Needs: Top Reasons

GN Designer Jewellers supply diamond engagement rings in Melbourne and were voted 2014 Awards Winner by the Jewellers Association of Australia. The business has a modern and fully equipped workshop that is located in Melbourne, Australia. This is where their gorgeous handmade pieces of jewelry are manufactured.

GN Designer Jewellers supply diamond engagement rings

GN Designer Jewellers supply diamond engagement rings

The business is run by master jewelers Arthur Pallas, Nicholas Vrettas and Steve Pallas who have a combined jewelry manufacturing experience of 85 years. Therefore, with this store you are assured of dealing with jewelers who are experienced and have a greater understanding of this industry.

GN Designer Jewelers offer a wide variety of services. They can handle repairs on your jewelry and this is carried out quickly and mostly on the spot. They also offer free cleaning and polishing services for their clienteles.

Remodeling services are also carried out in their modern workshop by jewelers who are fully qualified. The company also offers expert advice to clients who have any questions and their inquiries are handled by experienced and knowledgeable Master Jewelers who are passionate about and love their craft.

GN Designer Jewelers also offers valuation services for all their jewelry. This is mainly done for indemnity purposes. The value that is stated represents the cost of replacing a similar article because of burglary or loss either from GN Designer Jewelers or from any vintage, secondhand or antique market place. The company recommends that jewelry valuations are updated after every 2-3 years.

This is dependent on the insurance requirements of the individual. This shows proof of ownership and it helps in quickening the compensation if a claim arises. The valuation process usually entails metal testing, identification of gemstone, gemstone grading and weight approximation and establishing the technique of manufacture such as handmade, machined or cast. Every evaluation comes with color photograph and a full description of the jewelry item.

GN Designer Jewelers are known for producing meticulously hand crafted Jewelry. They adhere to strict standards to ensure that every piece of jewelry is manufactured with the integrity and care that one would expect from knowledgeable, professional jewelers. This is a true testament that GN Designer Jewelers supply diamond engagement rings in Melbourne and were voted 2014 Awards Winner by the Jewelers Association of Australia. They have a wide selection of good-looking ornaments in their showroom. However, they also make tailored items for clients who want customized designs that reflect their signature style.

The business mainly specializes in Diamond engagement rings. They use special designs that cater for the individual market demands. They use a wide inventory of certified diamonds by Auscert, HRD and GIA and their diamonds are well below the recommended retail prices.

For complete peace of mind, GN Designer Jewelers can assist you in protecting your piece of jewelry. The business works hand in hand with renowned insurance companies. Therefore, they will offer insurance quotes after purchase to ensure that your items are covered. The indemnity cover usually starts just after you pay your premiums. The policy normally covers loss, accidental damage and theft.

The business also accepts different forms of payments for customers who are shopping both online and in their brick and mortar business premises. They accept all credit cards including MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express. This way, they are able to cater for the financial options of different customers.

GN Designer Jewelers supply diamond engagement rings in Melbourne and were voted 2014 Awards Winner by the Jewelers Association of Australia so you can always look forward to impeccable quality from this jeweler.

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