Reasons people find declaring bankruptcy the only way to go

The economic climate in the modern world has influenced personal bankruptcy to escalate at an upsetting rate. It is really alarming to see the number of people who file for bankruptcy in different countries every year. According to a recent research, more than 95 percent of those who file for bankruptcy are individuals, but not companies and businesses. This has left many people wondering why declaring bankruptcy has become a common trend today. This requires you to first identify the factors that influence bankruptcy before you even look for solutions for this problem. Many people go bankrupt due to:

Job loss

It does not matter how you much you earn from your job. As long as you receive that money monthly or as agreed, you can be able to meet most of your needs and even pay the debts you already have conveniently. The problem that may come is when you lose this job. This means that before you get another job, your needs will increase and compile pressure. When your source of income is no more, you can’t meet the deadlines of your debts. Once your creditors come for your assets for failure to pay their debts in time, the only option you have is declaring bankruptcy.

Medical expenses

It true to mention that the cost of some medications is beyond what many people can afford. It is amazing to learn that some of the people who file for bankruptcy due to medical expenses have health insurance. Certain medical expenses such as those of implantation, surgery and others such as dialysis can leave you with nothing at all. In fact, people that are not financially stable borrow small loans from friends, sell their assets and use everything they had reserved to clear the bills. Check Debt Helpline for more details.

Reduced income

Most businesses and companies today are keen on reducing their expenses. They try as much as they can to cut down these expenses using mechanisms that also harm their employees. As the company looks for ways to reduce its expenses, it also reduces the bonuses and other additional income that their employees used to enjoy. It’s good to note that the needs remain relevant as much as the income is reduced. The next thing you do is try to seek assistance through a debt helpline.


You can be sure that divorce is an expensive process especially if you have to include the fees that the lawyer demands. Even if you don’t have a long legal process, divorce influences the loss of assets and income to both partners. In fact, you would have to pay part of the debt that your partner has especially if you had a joined account with them. If you ask people who have had expensive divorce processes what declaring bankruptcy means, you would try to avoid it.

Unexpected expenses

No one expects to have expenses that would drain their savings unexpectedly. For instance, your car may break or even crash with another and be damaged beyond repair. If you had not insured it, you may have to buy another. A catastrophic storm may strike and damage your house completely. Again, you would have to use all your savings to build another house. If this drains all you had, bankruptcy would be the next thing you would face.

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