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Tips on Choosing Holiday Rentals in Thailand

Choosing holiday rentals in Thailand is always a great alternative to costly stays in the five-star accommodations or the restrictions of the conventional hotels. With these rentals, you can have access to spacious and well-furnished apartments that give you a greater degree of freedom and flexibility while saving you tons of money. But not all holiday rentals in Thailand are the same. While some will offer you cozy and exclusive accommodations that will fill you with lots of beautiful memories, others are straight out of the hell. What makes the difference is the diligence with which you approach the hunt for suitable holiday rentals. Here is a simple guide on how you can go about the process and find just what you are looking for:

What is your budget?

It often begins with the budget. Before you go out shopping for some great accommodation options, you have to check whether you can really afford it in the first place. Are you planning to give yourself a treat and splurge on something luxurious and a bit costly or are you looking for cheaper holiday rentals? No matter your preferences, your pockets will eventually decide where you will stay.

The duration of stay

How long are you planning to stay in Bangkok? For the quick overnight stays, you really do not need holiday rentals in Thailand. However, if you are planning to stay in the city for longer durations of time, then it makes economical sense to book holiday rentals. It is also important to ensure that the rentals that you are booking provide the level of comfort that will be necessary for the duration of your stay. No one wants to stay in drabness for longer duration of time so the accommodation must be as enjoyable as possible.

Dining option

What are your dining plans? Are you planning to buy food at the restaurants and cafes situated close to your rentals or do you need rental options that also include dining? How about self-catering accommodation? You have to look at these and work it out in advance before making your way to Thailand.

What kind of holiday are you planning?

For example will it be an active holiday where you go an exploration or a passive one where you are going to spend most of your time indoors? Would you need an apartment-like holiday rental accommodation or a spa and resort for example?

What facilities and amenities do you need?

There are various kinds of facilities that you can choose in your holiday rentals such as swimming pools, business center, fitness centre, internet connectivity and many others. Based on your needs, check to see if the rental option that you are choosing will offer you all these facilities and amenities.

Any special considerations?

Will you be bringing your family with you? What about your pet? Does the rental option offer you provisions to cater for your special needs? Does the rental service offer airport transfers? Are there any provisions for transportation around the city?


Check to see if the rental option that you are choosing is close to some of the attractions as well as landmarks that you plan to visit during your holidays in Thailand.

At the end of the day, you have to think through what you want and then do a little legwork in order to unearth that so that you can have the most satisfying experience.

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