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Get Your Kawasaki Motorcycle From the Right UK Dealer

Kawasaki brand of motorcycles have numerous features that make them stand out from the competition. However, if you want to buy one for leisure riding or for professional purposes, you need to identify and get in touch with Kawasaki dealers in the UK with a team of staff who know their bikes inside out.

Kawasaki dealers in the UK with a team of staff who know their bikes inside out

Kawasaki dealers in the UK with a team of staff who know their bikes inside out

Your search for the best Kawasaki motorcycle should land you to Wheels Kawasaki, a reliable dealer of the brand in the UK. From Wheels, you can get great deals, financing options, affordable prices, and guaranteed quality assurance. You get many advantages from buying your motorbike from an authorized dealer. To help you realize them, Wheels are recognized Kawasaki dealers in the UK with a team of staff who know their bikes inside out.

One of the advantages of buying from Wheels Kawasaki is their qualified staff. Motorcycles exist in various types and brands and not all technicians are able to handle any brand of motorbike. At Wheels Kawasaki, fully trained Kawasaki technicians are available to assist every customer with all aspects of the brand. Besides, they have a fully stocked parts department to ensure that all customers get what they want to meet their Kawasaki motorbike needs.

Whether you want new or used Kawasaki motorcycles, genuine spare parts, or appropriate advice on motorcycle insurance, you can get it from Wheels Kawasaki, the reliable dealers of the brand in the UK.

Now, back to the statement in the beginning of this piece, users need to know why Kawasaki motorcycles stand out among the rest, and are a preferred brand of many consumers. To begin with, the brand has unique properties that consumers cannot find in other brands of motorcycles. Here are just a few to mention:

·         They come with a light-handling chassis that is more compact than what is found in other brands of motorcycles. In fact, the revised framework features a more compact wheelbase and reduced distance between the seat and the head pipe.

·         They are easy to maneuver: this is based on the new design, which makes it slim and light, with improved ergonomics. The new framework therefore reduces the number of components and removes any needless material. Compared to their predecessors, Kawasaki bikes are many pounds lighter and more rigid.

·         The compact design of Kawasaki motorcycles enables light handling, even at slow speeds. This makes it easy to maneuver for new riders using the bikes, especially when they make U-turns, or negotiating a corner.

On their outward appearance, Kawasaki brand of motorcycles have inviting looks, making them a masterpiece in motorcycle design. The driver and passenger seats are sculpted in such a way as to give the users an all-day comfort. Besides, the passenger backrest is designed with an in-built grab bar, which improves comfort as well. That is in addition to passenger side floorboards, which are rare in other brands of motorcycles. These are just a few features to mention about the Kawasaki brand, but you can learn more regarding their clutch, transmission, and drive belt. To get started, get in touch with Kawasaki dealers in the UK with a team of staff who know their bikes inside out.

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Eighty Years Of Answering Logistic Needs With Innovations

Sophisticated, high quality logistic services play a key role in the development of global economy. The success of any service provider lies in their commitment to provide the same to customers. With a history of eighty years of customer service, the company is pioneer in introducing the latest, cutting edge technologies in prime movers. The customers constantly demand trucks that are durable, fuel efficient and reliable. And hence, products are designed to meet the mentioned requirements at reasonable cost along with meeting the modern safety and environment standards.

prime movers

Prime movers are used to push or pull conventional trailers and a number of them can be used on public roads to pull a heavy load during one transport. There are two major ranges offered by the company. The first range includes heavy trucks that are ideal for work that requires physical efficiency along with smart technology. These medium trucks are equipped with the latest technologies available in automobile industry that increases the fuel efficiency and decreases emissions of harmful gases, thus, delivering high performance. This range of prime movers was also rated as the best in the Australian market in the September edition of Diesel’s magazine. The second range is the smallest model offered by the company but is equipped with the latest technical inventions. Each truck is equipped with Euro 5 rated emissions technology and fuel saving automatic transmission with Eco shift.

The services offered are not just limited to sale of truck but it includes service planning and assistance, warranty and maintenance and replacement with genuine body parts. In case any issue occurs in any part of the vehicle, repair and replacement is the responsibility of the expert team of technicians provided it is under warranty. Another exciting feature is of roadside assistance. If a truck experiences a failure in a remote area, help is just a phone call away. The expert technicians are available on the call with their advice after assessing the problem. After authentication of identity and acquiring the location of the customer over phone, the representatives are immediately sent   from the centre that is nearest to the remote area. Genuine body parts are readily available in case of breakdown and usage of genuine parts is recommended as it guarantees quality and improves productivity. It also ensures that the truck is maintained in optimal, safe condition. Therefore, if customer decides to buy trucks then long term service is an added assurance.

Today the challenge lies in satisfying customer needs along with meeting environment standards. The products require higher fuel efficiency with lower CO2 emission. To achieve this, unique technique known as FLENDS emission control systems is implemented. Along with the development of this unique technology, tireless efforts are made to research, innovate and implement latest available technologies in the manufacturing of trucks.

With almost eighty years of experience in the transport industry the same zeal, enthusiasm and passion is present in the team to deliver products that are best in terms of performance and technology in the most affordable price.

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