7 Tips for Driving Safely with Children

Cars like the Kia Grand Carnival Australia dealers sell wins at safety and performance. Yet you shouldn’t be complacent even though you’re driving a high-tech and highly-rated car. These days, it still pays to know safety guidelines, especially when driving with children.

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If you’re a bona fide working parent, these are driving safety tips you must know:

Store and secure your things.

Even though your kids have their seatbelts on, the luggage can still fall onto them. This is the reason why you should buy cars, such as the Kia Grand Carnival Australia dealers offer, with a spacious cargo area for equipment or bags. No need to pile stuff in the passenger area or behind the seats. But if there’s not enough room for all your things, you can secure them with cargo anchors.

Invest in high-quality car seats.

If you have kids, car seats shouldn’t even be an option. You should buy one as soon as you get your car. For instance, if you’re planning to buy a Kia Grand Carnival Australia dealerships are supplying, you’ll be happy to know that it has a narrow centre position that’s suitable for children.

Read the car seat manual.

Don’t just buy a car seat and strap your child to it. Read the manual to know how it works. The manual should also demonstrate the proper positioning and other tricks the car seat can do. Don’t rely on your intuition on this matter.

Follow car seat regulations.

Did you know there are laws regarding the use of car seats? You should know and follow them, given that poorly fastened car seats lead to serious injuries and even deaths. In Australia, the law prohibits any child under 7-years-old to travel in a vehicle without a car seat. The car seat must also pass Australian national standards.

Put them where they belong.

If you have children under 12-years-old, they should sit in the back seat. This also applies to a kid who has the height or weight of a 12-year-old. Besides their vulnerability, they might also distract the driver.

Never leave children without adult supervision.

This is quite obvious. Still, some parents are too careless. Since when did leaving toddlers inside a car become a sound and logical idea? First, there’s a high risk of them getting hyperthermia. Next, they might also tinker around the brakes and steering wheel. Never leave them without proper adult supervision.

Make sure the child door locks are on.

Kids will always be kids. And the purpose of the child door and window locks is to subdue their curiosity. Make sure the child door locks are on before you leave. Also, you should always remind your children to never put their arms or legs out of the open windows.

Final notes

It always pays to know. Whether you’re travelling alone or with kids, familiarise the tips above for their safety and your peace of mind. All these apply to any car you drive with your children in tow.

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